3D Printing

images.jpeg3D printing with Solidoodle v2.1

Our new acquisition of the Solidoodle Pro 2 3D printer, has allowed us to create most of the parts for our projects and many parts of the mini ROVs including Kort nozzles and much more. this 6x6x6 print bed offers a great platform to build various projects..

We have done many modifications on this printer including new bearings and more reliant machined parts these parts will be available in our store very soon.

We offer rapid prototyping services we can provide you with drafting and design services use the contact page for further information


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Our Services

  • ROV and Engineering personnel services
  • Sub-sea development & tooling
  • Educational robotics development
  • 3D Printing and design services
  • Underwater video and lighting systems

Our Clients

  • University Victoria, BC
  • Trinity Offshore Ltd
  • SNK Ocean Ltd
  • Phoenix Diving LLC
  • Blue Iguana LLC

Find Us

105 2757 Quadra ST

Victoria, BC, V8T4E5


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