University of Sligo DEPLA Testing

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26f38d227bdf64fbd5aca8771613b695The Geo-technical Research Group based at the Institute of Technology Sligo Ireland is developed deep-water anchoring systems for floating oil and gas platforms. Part of this development involves field testing of reduced scale anchoring systems. Field testing was carried out in Lough Erne - one of Ireland’s deepest lakes (+70 m). Visual inspection of the mooring line was required at the lake bottom in order establish the penetration depth of the anchoring system.

The Interspec R&D Model PRT014 underwater camera was chosen for the visual inspection of the mooring line. The camera was attached to a custom built cradle and lowered to the lake bed. The unit transmitted real-time imagery to the surface via Bowtech XX8024 cabling. The camera produced high quality images despite operating in turbid lake water with a visibility of less than 1m,

Location of test site was at:-  54.493586° N, 7.978258° W

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