Advanced Diver & ROV Lighting

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P1060627MediumOur development for underwater lighting proved a great success when our prototype deployed for an Advanced Diver System HS1200, Currently operated buy Phoenix diving international, In addition we also tested our ROV light on a Triton XLS ROV system the actual working depth on ADS project was 400Mtrs or approx 1200Ft,

We also do compact light and camera models for saturation diver helmets and HAZMAT operations. These lights and cameras are intrinsically safe and can be used in oil, gas production, fuels and chemical locations.




The ROV system was tested in 590Ft of seawater while on a project in West Africa they worked flawlessly and integrated to both ROV and Hard-suit systems with ease, if you require further technical information and availability this can be done through contacts page. Typical light output on 6500K is about 1300 Lumens at less than 1A. 24VDC.

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  • ROV and Engineering personnel services
  • Sub-sea development & tooling
  • Educational robotics development
  • 3D Printing and design services
  • Underwater video and lighting systems

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  • University Victoria, BC
  • Trinity Offshore Ltd
  • SNK Ocean Ltd
  • Phoenix Diving LLC
  • Blue Iguana LLC

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