Pelagic ROV Latch

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  • 12 May
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ROV latch designed to fit 6000Mtr ROV 



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  • 03 Jan
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Read more...Times colonist coverage of the event was only possible by the fabulous efforts of Jim Bell and Darren Stone from Times Colonist so a special thanks to them.

As mentioed by Jim Bell from the Times Colonist, "The Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle Control System, a co-operative effort from the UVic team and Interspec R&D, was developed to provide a mechanism that is affordable for both schools and individuals.

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ORCA ROV Concept

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  • 03 Jan
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Read more...Our original concept was the Marlin ROV a PVC based unit using common plumbing equipment modified to accommodate electronics this proved to be a good starting point as the parts were cheap and easy to manipulate and machine; the main limitations with design is the depth in which it can travel to we did rigorous testing a found that realistically we could get around 60Mtrs before the pressure housings would collapse or leak, hence we moved to ORCA MK4&5 this design allowed us to operate at 100Mtrs water depth before water ingress was noticed on our water detection system, Plans are available and combines ROV design and ORCA plans at our store a real bargain, all sales used to further our educational projects and are non profit.

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