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IMG 0886Times colonist coverage of the event was only possible by the fabulous efforts of Jim Bell and Darren Stone from Times Colonist so a special thanks to them.

As mentioed by Jim Bell from the Times Colonist, "The Underwater Remote Operated Vehicle Control System, a co-operative effort from the UVic team and Interspec R&D, was developed to provide a mechanism that is affordable for both schools and individuals.

Simplicity of operation was also important, as was ease of use for special-needs children"

DSC 0056(Medium)A BIG thank you to the students that made this possible very talented team have shown great dedication teamwork and shear skill, very special thanks, Nathan Wren (Mechanical Engineering), , Thomas Grime (Electrical Engineering) we are grateful to you all for your outstanding efforts.

The ROV concept has created allot of interest our main efforts are for education and research we believe the application is a very interesting concept for the children and captures there imagination and creativity, allowing new and interesting marine based studies to emerge in the future.

We continue to work with university's and develop new and exciting projects out latest being the class of 2012 witch failed to address the issues and programming from the mission statement as a result we are actively seeking help with new venture.

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